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July 15, 2021
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Millions of people have benefited from car collateral loans over the years. These loans have been used for everything, from paying the rent to expanding a business. While the collateral made applying for this loan easy, it doesn’t guarantee approval. The lending company will check on several factors before deciding on an easy bad credit loan Charlottetown PEI

4 Factors That Determine Loan Approval 

  • Applicant’s Age: This is the first detail the lender will check. Most states require that you can only borrow money if you’re 18 and older. People who are younger than 18 are not old enough to be held legally responsible for financial commitments like a loan. 
  • Car Equity: Your car’s value primarily determines how much money you can loan. Vehicles that are lien-free have high equity. Low equity means the car still has arrears. Coverage will be small in this case. 
  • Title Status: The lending company will also verify the status of the car’s title. Lenders require a clean one. This means the car is fully paid and lists the borrower’s name as the owner. 
  • State of the Vehicle: Lenders demand a car inspection to know the car’s status. You’ll have a hard time securing a loan if your car is too old or has a high mileage. Applications using a salvage car as collateral will also get rejected. 

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