Does Your Poor Credit Car Loan Nanaimo British Columbia Impact Your Credit Score?

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July 14, 2021
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You’re at a disadvantage if your credit score is below 700. You won’t be able to qualify for a traditional loan or a low-interest rate. It’s why money experts emphasize that people work at improving their credit rating. Surprisingly, one interesting way of raising your creditworthiness is through a poor credit car loan Nanaimo British Columbia

 How Poor Credit Car Loan Nanaimo British Columbia Can Help Your Credit Score

A special financing auto loan is a secured loan. It requires the borrower to put up their car as collateral. The loan is largely based on your car’s equity. The higher it is, the higher the loan amount. Conversely, you’ll only receive a minimal amount if the car is old, damaged, or doesn’t have enough value. 

The collateral helps speed the application process along. It essentially negates the need for an extensive credit check since the car’s value will cover the loan. It’s one of the reasons this loan is popular. Anyone can apply for it. One offshoot of this is the opportunity it provides to help improve one’s credit. Paying this loan on time will add points to your credit report. It could pull up your rating. Businesses doing a credit check will also see that you’re a responsible payor and approve your application. 

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