Factors That Affect Appraisals for Hassle Free Car Loans West Kelowna British Columbia

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February 24, 2020
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Car Title Loans West Kelowna are contingent on the vehicle’s worth. Many borrowers want to know their car’s value before they decide whether to continue with their title loan application or not. Bear in mind that a car depreciates fast, so don’t expect to get a loan equal to what you’ve paid for the vehicle. There are also other factors that affect your car’s value.

Factors That Affect Title Loan Appraisal

  • Car Equity: You can determine equity by taking your car’s worth in terms of dollars and subtracting the amount you still owe on payments. You have equity if the car’s worth is higher than what you still owe the dealer. Ideally, you should use collateral that’s fully paid for.
  • Trade-in Value: Your car’s value is very similar to its trade-in value. This is slightly different from the average value mentioned in the Kelly Blue Book (KBB) or its “private party value.” The latter is the amount you can sell the car to an individual instead of a dealership. Many lenders base their offer of a percent of the car’s street value or KBB value.
  • Vehicle’s Condition: Lenders will also consider the collateral’s condition. They will take into account the make, model, and year. They will also check the car’s mileage and general wear and tear. For instance, does the body have rust or dents? The car’s exterior and interior, and the state of the engine also impact the appraisal.

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