What Credit Score Do You Need to Qualify for a Poor Credit Car Loan Guelph Ontario?

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April 30, 2021
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May 4, 2021

Banks have strict requirements when it comes to loans. They usually demand a credit score of 700 or better for a borrower to qualify. Not everyone can meet those criteria, and they’re automatically shut out of the chance to borrow money. But millions of people have been able to get financial assistance, thanks to online lending companies. So what kind of score do you need to get a poor credit car loan Guelph Ontario?

What Credit Score is Needed for Auto Title Loans?

Challenged credit auto loans are called secured loans because they need collateral. Borrowers have to put up their car’s title as security. The equity you have on the vehicle is used to cover the loan. This means the higher the value, the more money you can borrow. One  advantage of having a collateral is that your credit score ceases to become a factor to getting approved. Many lenders don’t even do credit checks anymore. Or if they do, it isn’t as extensive. 

It also means that even people with poor credit scores can apply. Auto title loan companies are open to everyone, even people with credit history, those who are currently unemployed, or senior citizens. 

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