Quick Car Loan Niagara Falls Ontario FAQs: Can I Get a Loan Without an Auto Inspection?

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You can argue that the popularity of auto title loans is due to it being a secured loan. This means that as long as you have a collateral, you can qualify and apply for this loan. You can still get this quick car loan Niagara Falls even if you’re unemployed or retired. However, your collateral must pass a car inspection. Many applicants wonder if this step is really necessary? 

Can I Get Approved Without a Car Inspection? 

No, you can’t. If you want to use your car to get a loan, then you must have it inspected. It’s the way an automobile’s value is evaluated. This will determine how much money the company can loan you. The inspector will check the car’s condition. They will look at the engine, the tires, the oil filters, etc. The state of the car’s exterior is also considered. Vehicles with scratches and dents can pull down the results of the inspection  

The inspections will depend on the lender. Some car equity companies are happy to do the checks virtually.  The borrower will send photos of the collateral taken from different angles. This will help the inspector evaluate the car properly. Aside from the photos, you should also submit a filled-up form, your car’s title, and proofs of residence and insurance. 

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