Poor Credit Car Loan London Ontario Application: Can I Tell the Lender I Lost the Title?

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May 15, 2020
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Many drivers disregard their car’s title and treat it as another unimportant piece of paper. But this document can help you get a Poor Credit Car Loan London. Without it, you’ll have no hope of getting a loan. But what happens if you’re getting a loan but can’t find the title? Can you just inform the lender that it’s missing?

Can I Tell the Lender My Car’s Title is Missing?

The most important and non-negotiable rule of minimum credit score loans is that it requires a lien-free title as collateral. Whether you inform the lender or not is a moot point. The state of your car’s title is your concern, not the lender’s. If you can’t produce a title, there’s no way your application will be processed. It’s why you should make sure all your documents are organized and safely tucked away.

If you do lose your car’s title, you have to obtain a duplicate copy as soon as possible. It’s a simple process but it takes time and you’ll have to pay a fee. The first step is to fill out a form that you can get from the DMV or its website. You need to provide key details like your name, address, and your car’s identification number. You’ll then pay a small amount to replace your car’s title. Your duplicate title will either be released immediately or shipped to you.

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